About us


Company established in 1994 and is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India)

Previously Associate With C.Trivedi Group :

  • To Specialize In Manufacturing High Technology Machines And Accessories For The Flexible Printing, Converting, Packaging And Paper Industry.
  • Offering A Total Service Concepts To Our Customers: From Advice On Ancillary Systems To Complete Plant Layout.
  • Offering Solutions To Customer's Special Requirements, Including Designing And Manufacturing Of New Equipments.
  • Ability To Supply Machine, Accessories And Spares Under One Roof.
  • To Design And Manufacture All Mechanical Parts To Meet Customers Specifications.


WE Have Innovated Various Solution For Roll To Roll Process Control Industries

Flexible Packaging Industries:

  • Rotogravure printing up to 10 color
  • Film to film lamination/coating
  • Slitter rewinder, duplex center and surface
  • Core cutting m/c
  • Stretch wrapping m/c
  • Doctoring inspection winder

Converting Industries:

  • B.O.P.P. adhesive tape coating
  • Surgical coating, lacquer coating
  • Masking tape coating
  • Release paper coating

Textile Industry:

  • Hot air stenter spear
  • Unwind,inspection,rewinding m/c
  • Roll to roll batching m/c
  • Drying range, jigger machine
  • All type cloth guider

Tyre Fabric Processing Industry:(calendar and dipping plant)

Let-of station, safety chuck, tension brake automatic web guide/centering device trio and duo centering accumulator with pull roll cooling and heating drum linear winding machine hot air chamber.

Specialized Product for All Processing Industries:

Web Guiding System:

  • Unwinding with edge guide, center guide, line guide
  • Rewind guiding
  • Intermediate ( Pivot ) pivot tra guiding
  • Stenter guiding
  • Chaser guide (two web synchronies guide)
  • Guiding cum expanding roller

Tension Control System:

  • Unwind
    • Magnetic particle brake
    • Pneumatic brake

Through Load Cell / Dancer Roll Or Ultrasonic Sensor Feedback :

  • Rewind Control
    • Magnetic particle clutch
    • AC variable drive

Through Load Cell / Dancer Roll Or Ultrasonic Sensor Feedback :

  • In Feed & Out Feed Control (Isolates web tensioner)
  • Automatic speed/tension control Digital AC Drive

Through  load cell   / dancer roll feedback :

Wrinkle Removing Device (anty Crease Devise)

  • Bow expander spreader roller
  • Slat expander
  • Poly bend expander
  • Anty crease roller
  • Uncurling devise
  • Decurling device

Accessories and Spares :

  • Air shaft, Safety chuck